Ian’s Experience with His Solar Panel Set Up in Malta

solar panels malta

Last year, I decided it was time to take an important decision. An important decision not only for myself but for the environment: solar panels. So I began my journey in turning to renewable energy, starting with the great task of choosing what type and what size of system of solar panels I would choose to use.

Since solar panels are meant to last you at least 25 years, I didn’t want to cut any corners. I decided to get the latest and greatest of solar technology in order to ensure the greatest benefit financially and environmentally.

Setting up the solar panels (PV System)

I worked with the experts at BT Commercial who came over to my rooftop to assess how many panels would be required so I could be completely powered by solar. I can 100% recommend to anyone thinking of solar to go for BT Commercial’s Aleo PV Systems. These are German built panels. Not just designed in Germany but built in Germany too. They are of great quality and offer long term performance. Their team will recommend what is best for you to optimise the most out of your space and budget to see the biggest return.

How do I save money with solar panels?

The thing that struck me first was the fact that you start seeing results instantly after installing solar panel systems. At the end of the month, not only do I get to see that I owe nothing to the government for the use of my electricity, more often than not I get to receive a nice cheque being reimbursed for the electricity my solar panels generated and didn’t use.

As you can imagine, I consume quite a high amount of electricity. Not only do I have to charge all my gadgets, I also have to power the innumerable amount of electrical products around my house and I still find myself receiving cheques in my name from the government.

Monitoring Panel

Apart from the fact that I get to spend literally nothing on electricity, I even get to monitor the performance of my solar panels and electricity generation in a very detailed matter, from my smartphone through a free app that was installed and set up for me upon installation of my solar panels.

The Monitoring Platform provides enhanced PV performance monitoring with immediate fault detection and alerts at the module, string and system level.

Overall experience with solar panels

Over the last year, I can definitely say that this was a good move for me. I feel great about doing my part for the environment and I have saved a very substantial amount of money on electricity.