Virgin goes iPhone exclusive


Virgin has carried out a very bold & risky move that could make or break them in the long term.
Virgin has gone iPhone exclusive in the US, meaning that they will be completely ditching supporting Android phones and will exclusively support iPhones.
They have announced that they will be launching an iPhone exclusive deal that entails unlimited data, calls and text messages for $50 per month; although if this may not sound good enough, the first year costs just one dollar.

“Once they make one ($50) payment, we’re back in good shape. Because of the strategy with going through Apple retail and Virgin Mobile’s site, we’ve got a really efficient cost structure.” – Virgin Mobile USA CEO Dow Draper

Although labeled as an “unlimited” data plan, terms and conditions still apply; after using 23 gigabytes in a month your data will be throttled.
Videos by default, will be loading at 480p rather than higher quality solutions and music streaming will be restricted to 500 kilobits per second.