Top 5 Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets


Imagine being able to adjust your home to the perfect temperature before you get home or turning on the kettle on the way home to be greeted with a relaxing cup of tea. Turning off your bedroom lights from the comfort of your own bed or even ordering the groceries without having to leave the house.

These are our top 5 gadgets that will help to automate your lifestyle and make everything easier; even if it doesn’t take too much effort, less effort is always better right?

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

    It talks wirelessly to your boiler and can control radiators and water heaters. If it notices you aren’t home – it will enter ‘away’ mode in order to save energy.
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  2. Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit

    The smart bulbs can be set to 16 million colours, just pick your preferred shade and set up the automated timers.
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  3. Google Home

    It can do most of the sorts of things you’d expect from a smart assistant these days: set a timer, play some music, answer simple questions.
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  4. August Smart Lock

    August’s smart lock adds efficiency and luxury to something that would otherwise be just a bolt; this device is also homekit enabled.
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  5. Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

    Schedule and control the amount of sunlight you let into your home; you can even do it using Siri.
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