Top 5 Gadgets Under €50!


Summer is here! And what better time to open a new bank account then before the Summer holidays? Once again HSBC are offering €50 when you open a new bank account under the “Yes 4 Students” campaign.

We put together a list of some awesome goodies under €50 so you’re spending your money in the right place 😉

Kenwood Sport 2Go €49.99

This blender is a great addition for anyone who loves fitness or just smoothies in general. The blender comes with two sport bottles so you can have one with you and another ready for your next smoothie or just take two with you to share! The device is compact and very simple to use just place the bottle on the top and smoothie on!

TP Link Wireless Extender €42.20

Wifi has become a must have in today’s day and age and having a weak connection can be a real drag. Wireless extenders like this one from TP Link are essential for having a strong wifi connection across larger areas!

Ozone Rage Z50 €49.90

Ask any gamer or sound enthusiast and they will tell you that having a good pair of headphones is a must have. The Ozone Rage Z50 headphones offer comfort, style and excellent audio quality for just under €50!

Stealth VR Virtual Reality Headset €49.98

VR is becoming the best way to enjoy your movies and games and now you can experience virtual reality for under €50! The Stealth VR is lightweight and blocks out all light so you can feel truely immersed in your entertainment. Just pop your mobile phone into the compartment in the front of the device, sit back (or stand if you’re feeling brave enough) and enjoy!

JBL GO Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker €29.95

Take your music anywhere with this device, a must have for any music lover. The JBL GO is light and compact and has great sound for it’s size. Just pair your phone via bluetooth and enjoy your music whenever and wherever you go!