Safest PC ever?


ORWL is a new type of PC that will not take any shortcuts when it comes to security. The ashtray-sized computer comes with limitless defence to your system. In order to turn on the PC or even simply use it, you must be in range of a corresponding wireless device and obviously a password.
When the ORWL is out of range of the wireless corresponding device, the processor automatically goes to sleep and the USB and HDMI ports shut off; with the idea to stop anyone even physically trying to snoop in on your data.

Denying all types of forbidden entries

ORWL have focused on an instance of possible breaches that wasn’t focused on by many other devices; the physical aspect. The instance of someone coming into your property and being physically able to tamper with your device. They have even gone a step further by implementing a motion-sensor to prevent shock-based data loss.

If ORWL senses that it is being tampered with, it erases the computers encryption key rendering the device and data inaccessible.
It even takes the precautions of a hacker physically freezing the device in order to slow down the electrons in its security controller by installing a temperature sensor and any drastic temperature changes can trigger a change and nuke the security key.
The ORWL was designed to run Windows, Ubuntu, or the security-focused Qubes OS.

The specs (for you tech-gurus) are as follows:
Operating system: Qubes OS/Ubuntu/Windows

  • Intel HD Graphics 515 300/1000MHz
  • Up to 8GB RAM (1,600MHz)
  • Up to 480GB self-encrypted Intel solid-state drive
  • 802.11 n/ac wireless (up to 800 Mbps)
  • Dual mode Bluetooth 2.1, BTLE4.2
  • One HDMI 4k video output
  • Two USB-C outputs