Merging High-Tech Toys & Games


At E3 2017 Ubisoft have announced a new game under the name of “Starlink: Battle for Atlas” where they integrate high-tech physical toys and gaming; as we had previously seen by Amiibo in Skylanders.

Within the game you can change characters by simply connecting the physical toy to your gamepad. You can also add add-ons to the characters connected and watch them appear in the game. Different add-ons to your physical toy give the character special abilities and different abilities to other characters.

Could this be all your ten year old self ever wanted? It’s a game where your character may explore a seven planet solar system using with the spaceships that you will have as figurines.
The downside to this is there are only two connect points per ship although since Ubisoft didn’t want to limit gamer’s capabilities they gave each part an independent function while allowing you to interchange all add ons between all the ships.

Every pilot you attach even has his own special abilities, you can even attach the wings on backwards and watch it happen on screen; functioning as if a bird had its wings on backwards in real life.