Ikea & Apple collaborate to make choosing furniture a breeze!


One of the worst feelings is spending hours trying to pick out the perfect bedside table, only to find that it is going to obstruct your vital bedside plugs and now you cannot binge watch your favourite series after a long day of work without worries of your battery dying.

Apple’s Senior vice President of software engineering, Craig Federighi at WWDC gave a demonstration of Apple’s new Augmented Reality based platform; mentioning Ikea as future partners in the upcoming technology.

Federighi giving a demonstration using a cup of tea, lamp stand and vase.

Ikea has related to these feelings and has been working on devising an app that will digitally overlay true-to-size furniture using Apple’s new AR Kit technology. The app will have 3D renders of up to 600 pieces of furniture at launch and the rest of the range will be added over time due to IKEA’s extremely vast selection of furniture.

With Ikea’s new app, one will be able to pick & choose their desired furniture in order to preview how the piece of furniture will look within their home, boasting that their collaboration with Apple will help in the consistency of the experience.

With over 170 employees working on the project from Ikea’s end, the application is set to launch this Autumn, following the iOS 11 update.