Game Control From the Future


With mouse and keyboard devices being created over 50 years ago, there was the need for something new within the gaming sector. CaptoGlove have come out with the first wearable VR controller, simply slip onto your hand and let the 5 “captosensors” do the work. Compatible with anything, from VR on your mobile device or PC , to Call of Duty on your Xbox or PS4.

Imagine being able to control your favourite game with your hand!

CaptoGlove works by the gamer exercising what gestures he learnt to do from watching a tutorial or reading the manual, such as contracting your thumb while your index finger is extended to shoot in a first person shooter. Another great factor for gamers is that no additional hardware or software is needed to harness the power of the CaptoGlove.  

With batteries boasting up to 10 hours of continuous gaming time, this seems like a dream for any marathon gamer, with adequate breaks; of course.