Has Eye-Quality VR finally arrived?


Finnish startup Varjo Technologies are coming up with a human eye VR headset that they nicknamed “20/20”. It is said to be 70 times better than the Oculus Rift at 70 megapixels rather than the 1.2 of the Oculus Rift. The technology can be used for training and simulations across many industries, from industrial design to medicine and real estate.

Comparison shots of Varjo Bionic display vs the Oculus Rift display.

When trying to sell a house, Instead of a few viewing hours a week, why don’t you get someone to take 360 degree view shots and a buyer can simply put on a VR headset and carry out a viewing without wasting anyone’s precious time. People can view your house at any time of the day, without you being there & without those awkward family discussions.

The future is, viewing 20 different houses in a day; in completely different locations from the comfort of your own home.