Everybody loves GIFs


Last year, Google brought iOS an application that aims to give Live Photos more life. You can even turn these Live Photos into GIFs. Live photos by Apple were introduced in 2015 and this feature allows you to snap photos that animate with touch.

Google are now bringing Motion Stills to Android where everything you shoot is instantly turned into short, shareable clips. The process is exactly like taking a photo with your smartphone; tap to shoot. You could call this Google’s take on Live Photos. There is also another feature within the app that allows you to record longer clips but shortens them into the same time frame. The footage will be more stable and smooth; even if the original footage is rather shaky.

Before and after Motion Stills

Google says that the app was made to create a place where they can continue to experiment with short-form video technology and also hinted that some of these features might find their way to Google Photos.