Ellp, Simplify your busy day!


Being productive is not as easy as it may seem – even more so when it comes to keeping your digital life organized! This is where Ellp comes in.

Ellp is an awesome PC tool which helps you automate your daily routine with a flip of a switch. Ellp’s interface is based on a simple and easy to use card layout. After downloading the application (which by the way… is totally free!) you may choose from over 30 cards to boost your productivity, maintain high performance and security and revel in entertainment.

You can automate various activities such as managing the amount of time you spend on FB, monitoring the availability and speed of your Internet connection or choosing your favorite application to open each time you plug in your headphones.

It’s time to set your daily PC routine in order!

Download the free app from www.ellp.com. Oh and here’s what Ian thinks about the app 😉