Desk Setup from the Future


Imagine a desk setup with no more clutter. No more cables. No more piling up of papers and documents on your desk. Imagine being able to easily adapt the interface of your computer by simply pushing the objects on your desk to a side or by dragging the screen and snapping it to your desired size.

The Future of Desk Setup

After bringing you the Future of Game Control, we now have information on the future of Desk Setups.
Desktopography is a prototype, created by PH.D. students Robert Xiao, Scott Hudson, and Chris Harrison works by integrating a custom overhead projector with the use of an interactive android interface. A demonstration of the project.

The problem of spilling a mug of your favourite warm brew onto an expensive gadget is now gone. This device was designed to incorporate clutter into your workspace therefore denoting it from being “clutter”.

You can even snap it to an object that you would like to keep it close to; like a book for reference to the content you are working with. If something gets in the way of the projection, the system is smart enough to move itself to somewhere with free space.
If you aren’t lucky enough to have a number pad on your laptop, you can now snap the app to your laptop and now you have a number pad.