Apple stores offering Smart-Home Experiences


Tech Pioneers Apple have recently been focusing primarily on making your home smarter. Homekit is a software that utilises the control of compatible home automation devices through iOS or Siri.

Home for the Tech-Savvy

Stores with the Avenue Interactive Display allow the user to go in and try out some cool new home automation devices by controlling them from their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. You are able to control smart light bulbs, smart fans, window blinds and more.

Although if the Apple store doesn’t feature the Avenue Interactive Display you will still be able to experience Homekit although it won’t be as interactive.

Smart Home.

Apple’s Home app is used to control all compatible smart devices from one place which also harnesses Siri’s capabilities.

By offering Homekit at many of their stores, Apple is giving consumers a chance to experience the efficiency and comfort of having Homekit enabled devices. I mean who would know truly how much of a difference having your home on the same wavelength as your smartphone would make; even if you aren’t lazy.

Think about the fact that you can now look through your door’s peep-hole from your iPhone, without getting up.