Apple fights for your life


On Tuesday, Apple was granted 54 patents by the USPTO. One of which grants Apple to create tech that allows the user to call emergency services with a sequence of fingerprints or another quick way. This tech will definitely come into use in cases where the victim will not be able to make the call. The tech could also be used to send location to emergency services. The feature is useful as the potential attacker has a lower chance of noticing that the victim is trying to get help.

The technology could also be used to automatically record video or audio. With this type of technology, the victim could be appearing to be cooperating with the attacker while trying to get themself to safety. The usual well-known iPhone calling screen will not be displayed (obviously) during these discrete calls for help.

The patent sent forward by Apple also includes a method that can hide or get rid of sensitive information. If the patent is recognised and Apple proceed properly; this could improve the safety of many people.