Apple ditch Wireless Charging?


After countless reports about the new upcoming iPhone claiming that it will support wireless charging, which it still allegedly will – reports say that it will not be shipped along with the iPhone 8.

Apple struggle to implement new technology?

This is due to Apple having some issues and not being able to have it ready for the launch of the new iPhone this Autumn. If this is the case, the feature will be useless until a software update (iOS 11.1) like they have done with portrait mode previously and purchase it separately.

There is no indication on the pricing of this separate wireless-charging feature. No information has been given on if Apple are having hardware or software problems. It seems like if Apple don’t give a statement on what is going on, it is very probable that they will delay the accessory.

Apple are set to launch the iPhone in September, which is only a few months away and if they are going to launch this game-changing feature they’d need to act fast due to the extremely large amounts of units they produce.

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