App for the blind


Microsoft have come up with an iPhone application called Seeing AI.
This app is made with blind consumers in mind and aims to simply make their life easier living with a visual impairment.
This app narrates the world around you by turning the visual world into an audible description.

Being handed a document when you lack perfect vision can sometimes be an issue but all you have to do is hold your phone over the document and it will begin reading it out to you.

It can describe a person to you after pointing your camera at them and even learns faces and describes emotions.


The app doesn’t only read documents but can read all types of text, such as text on a billboard or the text on an envelope. It can even identify bills according to their value and currency. Seeing AI can even read text from images you download from the internet.
It also has an experimental feature that isn’t fully complete that can describe scenes or even read handwriting to you.