Doing Your Laundry Just Got Easier (And Cheaper) with This Gadget from Samsung

samsung q drive washing machine q drive quick drive

Samsung is back. Our excitement from the Galaxy S9 has settled and we have our eyes on a new gadget: the Samsung Q Drive, an industry-changing laundry washing machine.

But what is getting us so excited about the Samsung Q Drive? First off, it’s a washing machine like we’ve never seen before. You can connect it to your smartphone using their app to get inside information in a user-friendly interface. Know what time your laundry is going to be done, when your washing machine needs maintenance and create a custom wash “recipes” based on the materials of clothes you are going to put in.

The Samsung Q Drive

The Samsung Q Drive cuts washing times dramatically, by around 50% to be precise. It even has a super speed setting that allows you to do a daily load of laundry in 39 minutes, all without compromising washing performance, energy efficiency and fabric care.

In fact, the Q Drive is said to also cut energy use by 20%.

The Q Drive is what we can call a smart washing machine. This means that you are able to connect it to WiFi to a smartphone app to use features that can help make managing your laundry more convenient. Samsung has come up with three key features that aim to make laundry a breeze:

1. Intensive stain removal

If you happen to stain your favourite shirt, don’t worry. Samsung has got you covered. Use this setting to add a 30 minute bubble soak to any of your preferred programs and let the eco bubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics, loosening tough stains.

intensive stain removal

2. Laundry recipes

Recommendations or “recipes” are given automatically for optimal wash cycles based on information given such as colour, fabric type and more. This eliminates the thought process of choosing which cycle will work best for your load.

laundry recipe

3. Monitor your machine remotely

With the HomeCare Wizard feature, Q Drive owners are now able to monitor the washing machine without getting off the sofa, with the power of a smartphone application. The app allows owners to control and monitor your smart cycles from wherever you are, even giving device management tips such as to clean the pump filter and reminders to do the drum clean cycle.

monitor washing machine remotely samsung q drive

4. Adding clothes mid-wash

And our favourite feature of them all? With the Q Drive, you can add clothes that you might have forgotten mid-wash, without stopping the process.

add clothes mid wash samsung q drive

The Samsung Q Drive is available in Malta from Sound Machine.

Would you spend more for a smart washing machine like the Samsung Q Drive? Tell us in the comments below.