The Gadgets Chronicles: IFA Edition


A day of Carbs and Coffee, but where’s the Schnitzel?

September is upon us and in anticipation of its new season, gadgets has kept its five-year-strong tradition of attending the IFA tech-expo in Berlin. On the other hand, Sam has made sure to keep up his personal ritual of getting his fast-food fix before our flight – old habits and all that.

15:40 – Boarding time. But the focus right now is on how perfectly toasted the burger bun is.
“Our German Journey Awaits!

The flight was good. Lists were made. There is so much to see this year is a bit overwhelming, but Ian is a gadget veteran now, he’s cool as a cucumber. Sam comments on how any and all vegetable products should be outlawed. Someone isn’t a fan of his five-a-day!

18:35 – Arrival, Tegel Airport. Weather – 11 degrees. A lot less humid than Malta, that’s for sure!
We refuel on some caffeine while we wait on our transport. Overly priced coffee: check! I think it’s safe to say that we have successfully arrived in a European capital city.

19:45 – Hotel check-in. It’s quaint. But we don’t waste too much time faffing about. Berlin is on our doorstep and a busy week awaits us. We drop our bags off in the rooms and immediately head out to scout the area. The train station is a 10 minute walk away, and apparently the fair is a 12 minute ride from the station: simple enough.
“Hotel Selfie: Check! Next up: Food!

21:05 – Dinner! Much to our disappointment schnitzel is not on the menu at this Italian restaurant. Based on their menu it feels like we’ve never left Malta.

22:45 – Back to the hotel, time to recon.
There’s a lot coming your way tomorrow. Samsung alone are holding their annual conference where the unveiling of the Samsung Gear S2 is expected to take place. Showstoppers will also be hosting the press reception for the eighth year running. And they never disappoint!

23:30 – Lights out!

Alarms (multiple) are set for 06:30. We need all the wake-up calls we can get. Ian’s snoring can go a few decibels higher than the legal limit. So chances are it’s going to be a long night…

Make sure you check back tomorrow for a full run-down of the day’s highlights. We might include a few more antics while we’re at it!

Until then Gadgeteers!