Never Wait for Hot Water Again | Bosch Gas Water Heater Explained

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We all have experienced that moment when you hop into the shower only to be hit by a stream of cold water, thanks to one of your family members who has used up all the hot water or someone forgot to put on the electric water heater! Never again with the Bosch gas water heater with the right capacity for your household.

Having hot water in our household throughout the year is a necessity. We use warm water to cook, clean and wash. When choosing what type of water heating you want to implement in your house, is vital to take into consideration the capacity or volume of the water heating device.

The Bosch Gas water heater is tankless and uses instant heating technology. It’s economical and fast to heat up. On-demand heating is great because you basically can’t run out of hot water (yes!).bosch gas water heater

Household Sizes

For a household with one bath, a 11 litre per minute flow rate would be sufficient. A household of two baths would require 14 litres per minute while a household of three baths would require 18 litres per commercial malta

This is the amount of water the Bosch gas water heater manages to heat up as it flows through. The various capacities are important because an 11 litre, for example, may be able to supply a shower or a sink tap however if one has the water heater attached to more outputs that run simultaneously, one might require 14 or 18 litre per minute flow rates.

How the Bosch gas water heater works

This gas heater warms up the water instantly as it flows through it and therefore doesn’t need to be switched on earlier, this also saves electricity. Gas water heater keeps giving you the same constant temperature as long as a supply of gas is provided, as opposed to electrical water heaters that tend to slowly cool off the water flow as the tank empties.

A savings of 50% compared to electric water heaters

Gas water heaters typically uses less energy and cost less to run – one can expect a saving of around 50% when compared to an electric water heater, although one should note that gas models cost more at the time of purchase. Around €250 more for the smaller models and up to €300 more for the larger models.

BT Commercial also supplies Malta with electric and solar heaters which can be found here. If you are considering an alternative method of heating up water, the heat pumps are the way to go.