The Best Wireless Sports earbuds?


Jabra Elite Sport Sports Earbuds

Jabra were nice enough to send us a set of their high-end sports focused earbuds for review.

Packaging: My first impressions of the packaging was rather positive for these earbuds. They are packaged in a dark-grey and yellow box that opens up like a book. After opening and unsealing the plastic seal I get a glance of the headphones and the small black case that is used to charge the earphones. As I lift the earbuds and their charger out of the box I begin to notice how truly high quality these earbuds were, charger and all. Well, they should be of a certain quality as these are top of the range sports earphones. The fact that they made the charging box so high quality sets them apart from other sports earbuds brands. 


After lifting out the first layer of the box, my eyes are hit with a view of an overwhelming amount of earbuds.

8 sets of earbuds. 2 pairs focusing on high movement training that holds the earbud in your ear more securely. The other 6 pairs focusing on comfort, featuring different sizes and feels.

Initial Feel: After unpacking the headphones and getting them hooked up to my smartphone via bluetooth (experiencing no problems at all with connecting) I decided to put on some of my favourites that the Jabra Sport Elite performed excellently with. After a few hours of usage I felt no signs of strain on my ears for keeping the earbuds in. For a person who is used to Apple EarPods on the go, this means a lot.


After changing up the music a bit and focusing a bit more on bass heavy songs like Old School Rap, I felt that the bass was lacking a bit within this area although still extremely crisp sound overall.

The Verdict

After a few days using these wireless earbuds I feel that I am ready to take a verdict. They are definitely one of the best wireless headphones on the market. This verdict is based on price point, design, ergonomics, build and connectivity. What I was extremely impressed with was the fact that I was able to leave the office while leaving my phone at my desk and experienced no problems with connectivity. The earbuds are also IP67 water friendly and dust resistant, so no matter how intense your workout may get; you will be prepared. The battery life is good enough since we managed to get around 5 hours of usage when fully charged.

Jabra have also devised an app that allows you to track your runs, whilst also monitoring your heart rate since these earbuds have one built in. The app also carries out a number of calculations in real time in order to output values that will definitely be useful in your training in the future.