How we kept our devices charged at IFA


The Anker PowerCore 20100mAh, is a substantial upgrade from its predecessor the 16000mAh version. This model features fast charging technology on both of it’s USB outputs. Along with the Powerbank, you also get a 23.5 inch USB C cable that may be used to recharge the Powerbank.
This power bank is going to take you 8 hours to charge from 0% to Full and you will be able to charge your mobile devices 7 times over. Nothing less is expected with regards to charging time for the power bank, after all it does have 2 USB outputs and even has enough power to charge the latest MacBook Pro.



How convenient is it?

The product weighs in at around 357 grams and its compact size (6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches) makes it easy to carry around and be charged on all your devices on the go. You can even check battery life of the power bank by tapping the power button and looking at the 4 blue LED lights on the front of the device.

Safety of your device was also as important as powering your device to Anker. They have even included surge and short circuit protection.



Whether you are going to a conference for a few days like we did at IFA or just want to make sure you are never caught without battery; this is the powerbank for you