Robots are TAKING these jobs away!


Around 60% of all jobs are at risk of being automated by the year 2030. People will be replaced by beings without feelings, that do not tire, complain; or require a minimum wage.

  1. Bus Driver
    Driverless vehicles are already here and most of us have heard of them. Although very few have experienced them. With Renault recently releasing a Level 4 self-driving vehicle, we are well on our way to automating all types of transport.
    Busses will be easier to automate due to their routes not changing all the time.

  2. Accountant
    With loads of people looking to avoid the cost of an accountant to help you with your taxes, people are already splashing out money to use applications to streamline the process. Who’s to say people will not pay a robot to do their taxes in a fraction of the time for the fraction of the price?

  3. Paralegal
    All the information and documents that used to have to be searched by teams of paralegals are now archived in a digital format. This means that all of the searching and document finding is cut out and can be done very quickly. Even with regards to bigger cases, software exists that can analyse millions of documents in little to no time for a very reasonable price. The software can even extract relevant concepts and ideas from the documents it scans. This will help the lawyer further and further.

  4. Line Chefs
    Order from your phone & the kitchen full of robots will cook your food to perfection, every time. Robotic hands featuring 20 motors with 24 joints and 129 sensors are being programmed to mimic the movements of the human hand in order to be able to run the algorithm which involves the cooking and preperation of your food.

  5. Cashier
    Self-Checkout has been around for years, some supermarkets even allow the customer to pick up and carry a scanner around with them to compile their receipt and pay at the self-checkout lane.

  6. Telemarketer
    This is definitely the most endangered job, with tons of robo-calls already being received to people’s homes everyday. Companies are creating algorithms that work in a specific way around the script they are given in order to sell products over the phone without actually employing somebody.