WWDC 2015 – Apple Event Round Up


Apple Music:
Apple launched a new radio station – Beats One – a 24/7 worldwide radio station, to be available from June 30! It is said to be available for $9.99 per month, with the first three months free.
beats 1
After the iPod and iTunes, now APPLE MUSIC, which is expected to compete with Spotify and other music apps.
apple music

Mac’s OS:
Mac’s new operating system launched – OSX El Capitan, named after a mountain. This upgrade also includes the option to silence pop ups. This will help to figure out which pop up is having an error, with the option to shut down that specific programme. The improved METAL in this OS allows gamers to run games at 10x the speed. osx el captain

Apple Pay:
After it was launched in the US, Apple Pay is now moving to the UK. It is confirmed that more than 250,000 locations in the United Kingdom are ready to accept Apple Pay. A mobile payment service – with specific Apple devices one can pay with the device at a retail shop or online shop. The system digitizes and replaces the credit/debit card.
apple pay

iOS 9:
The new mobile software includes advances in SIRI – said to be 40% quicker and 40% more effective. It also has improved Calendar app which gives you estimate travelling time based on traffic data. It also suggests the best time to leave your current location to your next destination. When connecting a pair of headphones to the mobile device, it can suggest what music to play.

Apple Watch:
The new OS2 for the Apple Watch should be available soon, with improved fitness tracking system, more watch applications, and added features

Apple Health:

Apple launched improvements on the health app, now also measuring UV exposure and Hydration levels. The app can also monitor your workout, and notify if you don’t exercise.
helath app

Apple iPad:
It is now also made possible to view 2 apps at the same time on your iPad, with the new split view.
ipad split