Windows 10 revealed


Well everyone expected for Windows 9 to be revealed, and make up for the horrible mistakes made with Windows 8. But, during a press release, Microsoft decided to skip forward, and reveal their upcoming operating system, Windows 10. Yes, oddly enough, the marketing team seem to have yet to grasp the ideology behind numbers and iterations, but its a growing trend within Microsoft; *cough cough… Xbox One.

Anywho… Microsoft showed off the beta version of this new OS, which was described as ‘Microsoft’s most comprehensive platform ever developed’, supporting a wide variety of platforms, including desktops, Xbox consoles, Smartphones, and tablets. This support provides seamless integration across platforms and devices, and allows for smoother and faster cross-platform operation.




The design brings back the familiarity of Windows 7, re-integrating the start menu and pinning of applications on the task bar, whilst also amalgamating the responsiveness and functionality of Windows 8.

The live menu has been integrated in the start menu (as previously seen in the leaked videos we published last week), and can be resized to suit the users likes. The charms bar was also integrated in the build that Microsoft demoed, but it might be redesigned before the final product launches. As previously speculated, the OS will feature multiple desktops running in real time, which the user can shift to and from at the touch of a button.

Microsoft failed to show off the smartphone version of Windows 10, but they have promised to keep releasing videos and demos of this new operating system in the coming days.