VR Action Camera by GoPro!


GoPro have announced the release of a new 360° action camera with a twist. The footage may be used as VR video or as standard video as it films in 5.2K at 30 frames per second. You don’t have to worry about the angles you are filming anymore since it films a full spherical 360°, leaving it up to you to select the shots you would like during the editing process due to a feature known as overcapture.

The GoPro Fusion does the work of another 6 GoPro action cameras, due to it’s full spherical capturing angle. GoPro is using the Mountain Games, which they sponsor to use the product to its full potential and provide footage of the event from every angle. The Fusion has a camera on each side of the device and is greater in height than any of its predecessors. One of the sides has a classic small LCD screen in order to be able to check what mode you are using on the device.

GoPro is first making the camera available to “a selection of pilot partners — including brands, agencies and content professionals” and then the company plans a “limited commercial release” of Fusion by the end of 2017.