Voice Recognition for your Light bulbs


As times change, and technology gets cheaper to develop, smart lighting has become more affordable, and more within reach. We have seen Honeywell, wink, and other come up with their home automation peripheral, and now we have Vocca.

When compared to competition, Vocca takes a different approach towards interface; instead of giving you the power to control lighting through your smartphone, you are given control over the lighting via voice command. All compact fluorescent, or LED bulbs can connect to the Vocca peripheral which then, screws into the fixture.

The Vocca retails for $39, and operates when the users says the factory determined phrase. For an extra $10 though you can customise the phrase, like for example “Go Go Gadget Lamp”. The company stated that the Vocca outperform any smartphone enabled home automation peripheral in terms of speed, and  ease of use.

Check out their Kickstarter page by clicking here.