VISA at the Release Festival in Athens


Gadgets would first and foremost like to thank VISA for inviting us over to the Release Festival in Athens to show us some new unique ways of payment, such as wearable pay bands and contactless payment cards to be featured on our 36th and final episode for this season.

VISA has been leading the financial industry with their tech innovations to make sales and purchases easier and quicker for both parties.

We were able to order drinks at the festival without even reaching into our pockets; rather by simply waving our wrists close to the payment terminal and thanking the bartenders for their service – it’s that simple. 

The Gadgets team with their guide from VISA

Even though payments proved to get easier, one of our presenters Rachel had a hard time through a mishap with some stairs and got injured although this did not slow down their tech-savvy ‘trip’.

Rachel after her swift treatment from the Red Cross team

As the end of this season is getting closer and closer we would like to express our gratitude to our viewers for supporting us and enjoying the show.