What You Need to Know About Vero the Social Media App Everyone’s Talking About

vero app

There’s been a frenzy on the web about Vero, what some are calling the “new Instagram”, with headlines from “Vero is bringing back social media to its roots” to others expressing some concerns. But what’s all the hype?

Over the weekend, Vero – True Social surged to the top of the Apple App Store. While Vero has been around for nearly three years, it is now the top new social network with one million users (500,000 of those in just the past few days).

Billionaire Ayman Hariri, son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, launched the Vero app in 2015. Hariri is quoted to have started the app because of a personal frustration with existing social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

What is Vero and why do we need a new social network? vero app

Social media without the ads

Vero will be ad free and not mining on user data to sell to future advertisers. After years of ridiculously targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, this reads like a breath of fresh air.

All the social networks in one app

Vero is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify all in one. Sounds too good to be true but that’s the vision of this new social networking app. Posts can be photos, text, URLS (like Facebook or Instagram) with music and TV recommendations thrown into the mix.

No algorithms

Anyone who has ever worked in marketing, knows that Facebook and Instagram algorithms can make or break businesses. For the average user, algorithms manipulate and curate what you see in your feed. Vero is taking social media back to its roots with posts sorted chronologically rather than by algorithms. This has Instagram influencers flocking to the new social app by the thousands.

Vero knows there is a difference between friends and followers

When you create your profile, you can choose to have friends or, friends and followers. Friends can be divided into three tiers including close friends, friends and acquaintances giving you more options on how users share their lives to people on this new social network. Get personal with your close friends and stay professional like you would on LinkedIn with your acquaintances all in one app.

It’s free for the first one million downloads

You can download Vero on iOS and Android now but you better be quick. If you’re one of the first one million downloads, the app is free forever. If you don’t make the cut, you will have to pay a small subscription of “a few dollars a year” at some point which keeps the app ad free.

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