UVZ unveil the Russia One Tram


Public transportation vehicles always seem to fail to impress in the aesthetics and innovation department, and you wouldn’t think Russia to be the country to break this combo of boring vehicles. But, Russian machine developer UralVagonZavod (UVZ), have basically just unveiled the Batmobile of trams, which will be giving the public a safer, comfier, and a more efficient way to commute.

Dubbed the ‘iPhone on rails’, the Russia One, will be UVZ’s state of the art tram, bringing both safety and innovation to Russia’s main cities. The front tilting windscreen was designed specifically to allow the tram conductor to easily spot pedestrians, or any obstacles in the tram’s path. The radical looks are not only reserved for the exterior though. The inside is an ultra modern cabin, featuring dynamic LED lighting, which changes depending on the mood of the background music. There will be an open wifi spot for passengers to enjoy, GPS and GLONASS, a climate control air-conditioning system, and anti-bacterial handrails. There will be an HD CCTV system which will be set around the trams’ cabins, and the exterior.

The Russia One will be going into production next year, and will be launched in the major cities in Russia. Uraltransmach CEO, Alexey Maslov, stated;

“It was not just the leadership at the Russian market issue that we resolved. We are speaking of introducing UVZ and Uraltransmash to international markets, such as Eastern Europe, and South America. This tram can easily operate in Melbourne. We compete with world leaders such as Alstom (France) and Bombardier (Canada), keeping in mind their latest designs. Putting aside false modesty, I can say that we are at least within the competition. It’s a project of a great rarity for Russian market”