Top Ten Real-Life Robots




Name: Curiosity Rover
Creator: NASA


This bot truly goes where no man has gone before. This robot has been exploring the surface of Mars since 2012, like a metal Matt Damon. Its mission is to find out if Mars has the conditions to support alien life. It even has a laser eye that turns rocks ( and possibly attacking martians) into dust.



Name: Asimo
Creator: Honda

‘Asimo’ is short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, though it’s hard to believe that the similarity to Asimov, the sci-fi author who wrote ‘I, Robot’, is just coincidence. Asimo made his debut in 2000, impressing all with his ability to walk and move in a human-like way. Since then he’s been developed to play sports, pour drinks and use sign language. Show-off.


Name: Hitchbot
Creator: Dr. David Smith, Dr. Frauke Zeller

This is a tragic tale of a robot hitchhiker, designed travel the world by hitching rides with strangers . His heartwarming tales of making friends and exploring different countries were shared over twitter. It all ended, however, when he was smashed to pieces by vandals in Philadelphia. Oh the artificial humanity!



Name: LS3
Creator: Boston Dynamics

This bull-like robot was designed to help the US army carry equipment over rough terrain. It can carry 180kg of kit for 20 miles before it needs to refuel. It would also be pretty intimidating to see an army with giant robo-dogs marching towards you.



Name: Jia Jia
Creator: Chen Xiaoping


Perhaps the most realistic looking robot ever created, Jia Jia has been hailed a ‘robot goddess’ by her fans. Jia Jia isn’t just a pretty face, though; she can hold conversations. Pity her facial expression is always the same and her voice is so, well, robotic. Hey, nobody’s perfect.


Name: Z-Machines
Creator: Yuri Suzuki

A band of robots teamed up with human electro musician Squarepusher (who aslo goes by the less-electro name of Tom Jenkison), and released an EP called Music for Robots. The drummer has 22 arms and the axeman has 78 fingers. Now that’s what I call heavy metal! (sorry)



Name: Robobee
Creator: Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Robobee may be the size of a euro cent, and have a name like a rejected Transformer, but this is one powerful bot. Using it’s body to house tiny cameras, the RoboBee can be used for environmental monitoring, search-and-rescue operations…and even surveillance. The world is becoming way too ‘Minority Report’.




Name: Robear
Creator: Toshiharu Mukai


Challenging Robobee in the silly name stakes, Robear is a cute robotic teddy bear who lifts disabled people from their bed and into their wheelchairs. Awww. Just hope he doesn’t go all Revenant on your ass.


n-robear-a-20150227 (1)


Name: We’ll just call them ‘The Pole-Dancing Robots’
Creator: Tobit Software


Every tech-nerds wet dream come true, these ladybots grind their bionic booties up and down a pole to music. You can buy one for around $ 40,000. Though you could also get 1,600 human lap-dances for the same price.



Name: Robonaut
Creator: NASA


NASA really is making sci-fi dreams come true. Robonaut is the first humanoid robot to go into space. His human-like appearance will help him perform tasks that need dexterity and work alongside the astronauts. And, as movies have proved, having a robot on a space-mission is never a bad idea.