The Top Ten Internet Crazes



Happy Birthday, Internet!


Well, it’s the 25th year since the World Wide Web was created, possibly the most life-changing invention of the 20th century. So, in order to commemorate this important date, lets count down the top 10 Internet crazes ever.


Craze: Facemasking
Date: 2008
Remember when….people matched album covers and money with their face?
Just like those pics where people pretend to push the leaning tower of Pisa, this takes some careful composition, but results are worth it!


Craze: Planking
Date: 2009
Remember when….people would just lie face down in different locations, for no particular reason? 
It seemed the aim was to ‘plank’ in the oddest locations possible. Some took that challenge a little too far, such as Acton Beale, who planked off a 7th floor balcony in Australia and plunged to his death.


Craze: Batmanning
Date: 2011
Remember when….people would hang upside down like bats? 
Most of the public may not have the money or gadgets of the real Batman, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hang upside down like he does..wait, does Batman even do this?


Craze: Lion King-ing
Date: 2012
Remember when….people would hold their pets up, Lion King-style?
The cuteness of pets twinned with the nostalgia for the 90’s Disney classic led to one of the funniest online fads yet.


Craze: Catbreading
Date: 2012
Remember when…people stuck pieces of bread onto cat’s faces? 
This combined the Internet’s twin love of viral fads and cats. It’s place in history is forever immortalised by being featured in a South Park episode.


Craze: Harlem Shake
Date: 2013
Remember when...people would start dancing en masse to the Harlem Shake song?




The videos began the same way: a single dancer saunters into frame, unnoticed by those around him. When the bass drops, the whole room goes wild, dancing to the the beat in the craziest way possible. Universities, offices, new channels and even armies got in on the fun.


Craze: Selfie Without Makeup
Date: 2014
Remember when…women all over the world shared their no-makeup selfies to raise awareness for breast-cancer? 
Sometimes crazes come with a good cause. This craze was so popular it raised £2 million in 48 hours of taking off, donated to Cancer Research UK.


Craze: Ice-Bucket Water Challenge
Date: 2014
Remember when…people dunked buckets of icy water over their heads?


Another craze with charitable intention, this time raising awareness and money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It spread like wildfire, with each participant nominating three friends to do the same. Almost every celebrity did it to; Benedict Cumberbatch, Miley Cyrus, Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg..the list is endless. It raised around $115 million for the ALS Association.


Craze: Nutscaping
Date: 2015
Remember when…men dangled their balls over photos of beautiful scenery?
It seems that mother nature can be so beautiful that men are compelled to dangle their balls over her face.


Craze: Pokemon Go
Date: 2016
Remember when….everyone hunted for their Pokemon with their smartphones?





If not, look out the window, because it’s still ongoing. This app has had legendary success, and revived that nostalgic love for Pokemon that 90’s kids have inside of them.