Tonight’s iPhone 8 Event


After countless months of speculation and anticipation, the iPhone (8) event will take place tonight. This event tonight marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The event is going to take place for the first time ever at the Steve Jobs Theatre at the Apple Campus.
The event will be taking place at 7PM in Malta and 10am PDT local time.

Tonight is the first time ever we get to see a radically redesigned iPhone. Apple have stuck to a similar design ever since the first iPhone. Believe it or not tonight we are expecting an iPhone without a home button. Let that sink in for a while. No home button on an iPhone? The idea of losing the home button was done in order to create a bezel-less, edge to edge; OLED display.
This is what the new iPhone 8 is set to look like:

Even though the iPhone will be taking centre stage for tonight’s event; it isn’t the only new device we will be seeing.

As per Apple’s usual line up and rumours, we are set to see:
1. iPhone 7s & 7s+
2. Homepod: a new Siri Powered speaker
3. Apple TV with HDR and 4K capabilities + Siri Remote
4. Apple watch with LTE