Is it time for Wireless Charging for iPhone?


Wireless charging has struggled for years within the tech industry and never really managed to get the ball rolling. Various leaks about the soon to be released iPhone 8 are strongly indicating that the next-gen iPhone will take on wireless charging.
The fact that wireless charging will not work on a metal casing leads us to believe that the next gen iPhone will also be sporting a glass backing.

Wistron is a manufacturing company in India, which Apple has recently added to its manufacturers in order to increase market share and lower prices. Wistron’s CEO said that the next generation of iPhones will include “new features like waterproof and wireless charging.”

There are currently two types of wireless charging,  including Qi and PMA, which allow users to place their smartphone on a pad to charge the phone. Most modern devices include support for both standards, although we have no confirmations whether Apple will follow. No mid-air wireless charging methods are currently available so for the time being phone manufacturers will have to use the method of placing their product on a mat in order to charge.