Tesla Planted 10k Car Chargers and Malta Is Still Building Petrol Stations

Low amount of electric car charger malta

Tesla has been breaking the rules and paving the way for new, more efficient and green technology. Starting from self-driving vehicles, all the way to charging stations and flamethrowers.

This week, Tesla completed another milestone. 10,000 Superchargers. A Supercharger by Tesla is the world’s fastest electric vehicle charging network, that will charge your Tesla in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

With 10,000 Superchargers designed by Tesla being used in the USA and Europe, this makes me wonder.

Do Malta and the Maltese population share the same vision as Elon Musk?

We are working towards this vision, although with new petrol stations popping up everywhere; it doesn’t seem like EVs are going to take over anytime soon.

tesla 10 000 supercharger

How many electric cars are there in Malta?

As of 2017, 1061 electric cars and 295 electric motorbikes were on the Maltese roads, with a total of 365,483 vehicles. This means that just around 0.37% of cars on the road are powered by an electric battery.

electric cars malta point port charge

How many charging ports are there in Malta?

With such a low percentage of EVs on the road, we need to be encouraging the conversion to electricity-powered vehicles, as we have seen with the Government incentives. Although in order for people to convert to EVs, we need to cater for them to be able to charge their vehicle without going too far away from home or work since they will need to leave their car there for a few hours.

electric cars malta point port charge

There are currently slightly over 50 charging points in Malta, with some of them having more than one charging port. However, I don’t think the problem is the amount, but rather the spreading out of the points. The south of Malta has a very low amount of charging points when comparing to the rest of Malta.

Are there enough facilities to opt for an electric car in Malta? Tell us what you think in the comments below.