Techy Halloween Costumes you won’t believe exist


Nowadays, everyone and their Uncle gets geared up for Halloween. There’s no reason you techies should be left out of the equation.
Here are a few of the Spookiest Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes & Decorations:

  1. LED Stick Figure costume for a Toddler:
    How can you make a cute toddler terrifying? Turn the lights off, grab some velcro and LEDs that you have running around and get to work.
  2. Creepy Projections that’ll turn your house into a Haunted House:
  3. High-Tech Costumes made by someone who quit NASA to do this (talk about following your dreams):
  4. Front (Grave) -Yard
    Grab all your friends, a smoke machine, some coloured LEDs and carve some tombstones out of jablo and you’ll have the spookiest house in no time.
  5. Add a small screen to your already VERY scary Mask