Submarine Suit Unveiled


As confusing as the title might be, it is the best description I could come up with for a new diving suit developed by Nuytco Research made from hard metal, called the Exosuit.

The suit will allow divers to safely submerge to depths of up to 300 meters, and comes equipped with an Oxygen system which allows for dives up to 50hrs in length and propulsions thrusters which facilitate movement under water. The operating system of the Exosuit supports gigabit ethernet over fibre optic, which powers the network HD camer, a sonar, and other on-board telemetry devices. The suit is one of a kind and will allow workers to do their tasks effortlessly at low depths in the ocean with no fear of decompression.

The Exosuit is set to be tested this Summer in the United States off the coast of Rhode Island, and should results be positive, Nuytco will be developing a ‘lite’ version.
For more information click on the company’s website.