Students Travel Free As Transport Malta Connects Land & Sea Transport Systems


The essence of what turns a good national transport system into something great is the way different services link together, with each component delivering the right kind of service, therefore becoming one large functioning ecosystem. One of Transport Malta’s recent initiatives seeks to do just that, particularly for Gozitan students travelling to Malta.

Planning your route

If you’re travelling by Fast Ferry from Gozo to University, MCAST, or Junior College, there are the dedicated public transport connectivity routes 150 and 300, which can be found close to the terminal, and public transport can be used for free by the students.

This method provides another way to get around the island efficiently without having to worry about spending too much on travel or that different companies are working independently. Though technically they are, there’s a symbiosis between them which ensures that there’s no loss of quality between the services offered. It’s the kind of peace of mind all students are looking for, allowing them to focus on their education.

The routes serve as a link between the Grand Harbour area and Malta’s educational institutes, and thus, Malta’s land and sea transport services can reach a new level of connectivity to continue reducing the dependence on private vehicles.

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