Spotify Group Playlists on Messenger!


Earlier this year, Spotify launched a bot that allows users to send clips of songs via Messenger.

Spotify are now building on that work by launching a feature that allows you to create playlists between a group on messenger, regardless if everyone in the group is on Spotify.

The feature, called Group Playlists for messenger can be accessed by tapping on the blue plus sign to the right of the input box within messenger and then tapping on the Spotify icon. To create a group playlist, the playlist creator must have Spotify at the time and press the ‘’Create’’ button and after naming the playlist he may send it over to the selected group.

After doing so, the members of that group will see an “Add Songs” button on the thumbnail and may do so by tapping on it and selecting the songs you wish to add.

Anyone within the chat can also click on the song or playlist shared, although users without the app will only be able to listen to short preview snippets of the playlist.