Space-tourism balloon unveiled


Ever since Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, many have wondered what it would feel like seeing space first hand.

Arizona-based company, World View is one step closer to let passengers fly to the edge of space, with an unusual means of space craft; a balloon.

The company announced, that it has successfully completed an unmanned test of a scaled-down version of its balloon space flight system; reaching altitudes of more than 32 kilometres. It broke the world record for the highest para-foil flight.

World View hopes to launch its first commercial flights by the end of 2016, with about 50 trips in its first year. The ticket will cost $ 75,000 per person; which is relatively cheaper than Virgin Galactic’s option which costs $250,000.

World View will give to the passengers a two-hour-long “sailing-like” experience, with 360-degree views of the Earth, and space. The balloon will carry a capsule with six passengers, and two crew members, to a height of 32 km above the Earth’s surface. The capsule will be big enough to allow passengers to walk around, and will come equipped with internet access, a bar, and a toilet.

The tourists, inside a pressurized capsule, can watch the sunrise over the planet, while they are drinking a cocktail, take photos, and share them on social media sites.

Just think of the amazing selfies we will get to see of rich people in space.

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