Solar powered clothing


Dutch fashion designer, Pauline Van Dongen has just unveiled the world’s first solar power dress, which also charges your gadgets!

Van Dongen launched her own company back in 2010, following her graduation from the Academy of art in Netherlands.

Through her creations, she combines comfort, aesthetics, technology, and fashion. She said ;

“Wearable technology is able to connect different industries that were not connected before. I’m being connected with people in the solar energy industry, and we look at what we can mean for each other to advance our idea of what fashion is, or could be in the future.”

She has designed a dress and coat, that harness the power of the sun’s energy to charge your smartphone/gadgets. The prototype dress was featured at the Brooklyn’s Northside Festival in June. It has a futuristic, and functional design. The dress features two flexible solar cells that have been built into fold-able panels on the front of the garment.

The jacket is made with 46 rigid cells, which are hidden beneath fold-able leather flaps, and is a little heavier. The cells convert the solar energy into electrical energy, which can charge a phone.

All you have to do, is, pop your phone into a mini-USB cord attached to the inside of the dress, and its battery will recharge 50 percent within an hour of use.

Van Dongen is optimistic that wearable solar-tech will become fully integrated into the commercial marketplace in a few years.

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