15 Year Old Guru Finds Out Snapchat’s New Sales Feature With Amazon


While going through the applications source code, teenage app researcher Ishan Agarwal found code that points to a new Snapchat feature.

The leak was originally reported by TechCrunch, who received information directly from Ishan. Ishan while going through the source code, found mentions of a new feature codenamed “Eagle”. “Eagle” will reportedly allow you to take a picture of an object, and scan it. Snapchat will then send you it’s listing on Amazon.

On his Twitter account, Ishan updated that he also found the Amazon logo in Snapchat’s the files of Snapchat’s newest update.

Could this be a game changer?

As of yet, neither Amazon or Snap have given an official statement. However, news of this potential feature has reportedly increased Snaps company’s stock by 3%. If “Eagle” works as intended, it would definitely give Snapchat the edge over other social media. Namely, Facebook and it’s other social properties after they copied some of their features.

While it doesn’t seem like much, we could see increased investment in object recognition software, akin to Google Lens. Snapchat might also use “Eagle” to become a more useful extension of our phone camera.

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