smrtGRiPS: The perfect GPS for your bike


It’s 2015 and there still has not been a proper way to fit a GPS system on your bike, which doesn’t take your eyes off the road.

But hang on, Boreal Bikes, have introduced a new crowd-funded project, set to change to revolutionize bike travel, and solve this issue once and for all, with smrtGRiPS.

These smart handle bar grips are easy to install, and pair with your smartphone via bluetooth. Each grip will vibrate when a respective turn comes up or to avoid obstacles and traffic. The grips will also shake when ever there is a family member or friend close by, or if you are getting separated from your travel buddy. What’s also cool is that the grips also allow you to track your bike with your phone when you forget where you left it.


You can pledge by clicking here. Pledging $59 euros will get you a pair of the smrtGRiPS with a spare replacement pair just in case you need it.