Smart-Ring Unveiled


Ringly, is the first wearable gadget that’s being marketed solely to women. The concept is to incorporate smart technology into women’s everyday accessories. With Ringly women can enjoy every moment without missing anything important, even when they’re wearing pocket-less pants or holding a bag.

As implied by the name, Ringly is a ring designed to light up or vibrate when a notification is received, and it is entirely customizable by the end user. It features four vibration patterns and five colours that can be assigned to different notifications. The ring can also be synced with the smartphone’s calendar and reminders, letting users receive a notification when a meeting or appointment is coming up.

Ringly runs on a battery that has a battery life spanning from 2-3 days. The ring comes with an application which is available on iOS and Android. The device will come in four different stones, and will be available in sizes 6, 7 and 8 for now.