Smart-cup counts calories


Yesterday Federica wrote a post on Smart Jewellery, and I was baffled by how many items are being paired up to our smartphones. Well funnily enough, today I was left even more speechless after the first Smart-Cup was unveiled.

The Vessyl is the first of it’s kind, and has the ability to recognize liquids poured into it with the help of a complex array of sensors. But that is not all; the cup will be also capable to break down the nutritional value of its contents, and send the data directly to your smartphone.

Vessyl is also capable of tracking your hydration levels, calorie levels, and also sugar levels. This way the cup will be able to tell you if you have taken enough water, if your caffeine intake was too high, or if you had a lot of fatty drinks.Thanks to the accompanying application, the user can set specific goals (such as weight loss, better sleep, etc) and keep a comprehensive set list of what is being consumed.

The cup comes is three basic colours and can withstand boiling hot liquids and freezing temperatures. The inside layer of the cup is lined with a non stick material, and comes with a non-spill lid.

The Vessyl will be retailing for $99, and is available for pre-order here.