Sign This Online Petition for Malta to Get a Pet Cemetery Now #RIPSushi

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Everyone who owns a pet nowadays, thinks of them as family and considers them as important as human beings. Here at Gadgets, we have seen this with many of the guests in our shows, from Ben Camille to our very own Ian from Gadgets.

Felix Busuttil, one of Malta’s most famous dancers, took us in his home recently to tell us about his gadgets including one that he uses for his dog with its rather long fur.

We were heart broken to see today a post from Felix of his recent loss of his furry family member.

Felix words have struck us. It’s a problem that is unique to us in Malta that when our pets unfortunately pass, we don’t have a place to properly bury them.

When they do, don’t they deserve the same respect as humans get when they pass away? What should be done with a pet after they pass away? Simply throw them in a dumpster and get on with your day is definitely not an option for those of us who grow to love our furry friends as family.

If you think it’s time Malta gets a pet cemetery read more and sign this petition now.

In 2015 a first-ever pet cemetery and crematorium was planned for creation in Ta’Qali for over 11,000 animal cremations for pet owners in Malta to bury the animals they love. Since the approval in 2015, the project has not been completed and pet owners are still waiting around the island with nowhere to bury their beloved pets as they pass.

Sign this petition if you urge for the plans of this pet cemetery in Ta’Qali to be started so pet owners in Malta can start finding solace now after the passing of their loved ones.

This feature of Felix’s beloved Sushi will be aired in Saturday’s episode of Gadgets on TVM at 6:15 pm.