Sheepcams will shoot Tour de France


Thanks to new technologies, nowadays everyone could become a cameraman… even animals. The 2014 Tour the France will in fact have 5 special “camera-sheep”.

Five sheep, from the Harewell Hall Farm in Yorkshire, have been recruited to capture the cyclists in action, in the English countryside. Sony has fitted sheep with its HD AS100VR ActionCam, which has been mounted on a modified dog harness.

The company said:

“We felt this would be a great way to celebrate Tour de France’s arrival in Yorkshire and it’s this type of activity that is also befitting of the AS100VR features. It satisfies ones taste for the extreme, whatever that may be from skiing, cycling to hang gliding. So, what better way to capture the footage through a sheep cam? It’s the behind the scenes footage we’d never see”.

The cameras will be controlled remotely by Ian Hammond, the farmer who owns the camera-wearing sheep.

The wearable Full HD video cameras are splash-proof, and feature optical image stabilisation, witch will compensate for the sheep’s movement.

Live footage can be merged with GPS data to track the location of the sheep, so the footage can be overlaid with a map of the race’s route.

The tour will begin this weekend, starting in England, and proceeding to France. We don’t know if sheep will manage to capture some decent footage, but the promotional campaign is really cool.

Is there a more exciting way to demonstrate the new Sony Action Cam?

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