Sense helps you improve your sleeping


We have seen a wide array of gadgets hit the market, thanks to the several crowd funding websites available, which help inventors get their project created. One cool product which lately caught my attention, goes by the name Sense.

The rubber band looking device is basically a collection of sensors, tracking all the different aspects which might affect one’s sleeping. Sense’s features include;

  • The ‘Sleeping Pill’: A tiny peripheral that clips to your pillow, and tracks your movement and trashing during your sleep. In this way, Sense can have a complex overview of your sleeping patterns.
  • Light sensor: Which monitors the light levels during a sleeping session. The statistics provided by this sensor will define if you have the appropriate curtains and blinds in your room, or if you have to replace them for better sleep.
  • Particulate sensor: A sensor so powerful it can detect microscopic entities in the air. It monitors all the different dust or pollen particles which might trigger allergies, and interrupt healthy breathing during your sleep.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors: The sensors track the bedroom’s conditions throughout the day and night. It will see which conditions the user’s body prefers most when sleeping.
  • Smart Alarm: Thanks to the data tracking of this device, Sense will know when it’s best to wake you up for work, in order to be more energetic and well rested. You simply input the latest time by which you need to wake up. For example if you need to wake up by 7am and at 6.45 your body is almost awake, the alarm will go off and not allow you to fall deeper asleep.
  • A Proximity sensor: Which tracks your hand gestures when you are trying to check conditions, or stop the alarm.

The sense communicates using the latest wifi, low energy consumption Bluetooth, and ANT technologies. You simply download the application on your smartphone, pair it with the device, and check up on your stats when ever you want.

Sense has quadrupled its Kickstarter goal in a very short time span, and just $99 will land you the Sense kit which includes the globe, and the sleeping pill. Check out their page by clicking here.