Sending smells with your phone


It might sound like a skit from the Simpsons, but the oPhone Duo really allows users to send smells via smartphone, seriously.

The oPhone Duo was showed off last year at the London Wired event, and the creators of the peripheral are still touring technology conferences around the globe, in a bid to get the product to the masses. The concept is simple, users can take photos with their smartphone, select an aroma from the database of the oPhone application, and send them to their friend. The recipient will then open the image on their phone which triggers the oPhone Base Station to emit the selected odours. The base station features eight different interchangeable reservoirs, which are called the oChips.

The started pack includes the oPhone Duo base station and some oChips, and is retailing for $149. Expansion packs of the oChips (variants of aromas) will be retailing for around $20 each. The application is currently only available for iOS, and the creators haven’t divulged any information whether the application will be coming to Android.