Self-driving ‘Jeep’ being tested


A self-driving off-road vehicle, specifically designed and developed for the US Marines, is currently undergoing testing. The US Marines Corps. have joined forces with TORC Robotics, to implement their GUSS system (Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate) in a Jeep-like off-road vehicle to aid soldiers.

The main aim for this vehicle, is, to be deployed in dangerous environments, to deliver supplies, or evacuate injured soldiers, without the need of endangering another life. The size and weight of this vehicle allows it to be carried, and deployed easily by helicopter. This vehicle, dubbed as ITV (internally transportable vehicle), can drive independently through any terrain, by determining the quickest and safest route. It can also be controlled remotely at a speed of 8MPH.


Although this prototype is in the early testing phase, TORC Robotics predicts the implementation of this technology within the next five years.