Saturday’s League of Legends World Championships: 5 Facts


League of Legends, you either LOVE it or HATE it. If you fall within the second category, then the coming up information is for you.

This Saturday, 4th November at 8.00am CET; The League of Legends World Championship Final is set to be played. The two contenders for the world title are SK Telecom and Samsung Galaxy.

  1. The Venue being used on the day is something else. The Stadium has even been utilized for The 2008 Olympics that took place in China; and rightly so with a capacity of 80,000. The stadium is called the Beijing National Stadium but is more commonly known as “The Bird’s Nest”.
  2. 2. The Teams: SK Telecom team is owned by South Korean Telecommunications company SK Telecom and are 3 time World Champions at LOL; whereas Samsung Galaxy are one time World Champions and YES, they are owned by Samsung.




3. How is it looking? Going into this, Samsung Galaxy are looking like the underdogs
having only won the World Championship once. Although just being a contender to this Worldwide event is a huge honour in itself.

4. Do people actually watch this? An impressive 300 million people tuned in to the event last year!

5. Where can I watch this? You can watch the event for yourself on YouTube & Twitch TV.

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